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Australia is one of the top countries where immigrants prefer to move for the betterment of life. Yearly the graph of immigration increases, signifying how worthy Australia is for newcomers. People choose this country for study and work reasons. And shift there for a bright career. There is no doubt Australia supports immigrants equally as its citizens. Facilities given to foreigners make everyone’s living a paradise. Still, once you shift and spend some decent period, you start thinking over ways to get an Australian Citizen. You don’t need to be bothered. Here we present methods designed for legal pathways to Citizenship in Australia. Let’s jump into the details and be informed.

Benefits Australian Citizens received –

Before going ahead, let’s surface a few benefits of being an Australian. With citizenship status, you can:

  • Freely live, work, and travel around Australia.
  • Apply for an Australian passport for the no-restriction benefits on leaving and re-entering your new home country.
  • Receive diplomatic support for any matter.
  • Apply for jobs in private as well as government sectors.
  • Take part in elections and use your vote power.

Multiple Pathways to Australian Citizenship – Choose Wisely

There are different pathways to secure your citizenship in Australia. Before all that, you must have permanent residency status in the country. Permanent residency allows immigrants to stay, study, and work in Australia with some restrictions. You can apply for PR through various programs such as family sponsorship, GSM (general skilled migration), and Employer-Sponsored stream.

Once you become a PR holder, you can ask for Australian citizenship support at Western Overseas or rely on our expert-written guide to complete your citizenship process. Before anything else, you should meet the following conditions, generally called Australian citizenship requirements.

  • You must pass the citizenship test before applying (Exception- Candidates above 60 have exam exemption).
  • Your status in Australia while applying must be a PR holder.
  • You must fulfil residency requirements.
  • You must have to stay in the country once you get your citizenship. Prove your close relationship with Australia.

Answer to the most asked question –

  1. How many years should I stay in Australia before applying for citizenship?

Well, as per the Australian government of immigration, applicants with PR status issued on 1st July 2007 or after this date need to stay for at least four years before submitting their citizenship file. These four years include one year stay as a PR holder and the rest years on a valid VISA.

  1. What if one of my parents is an Australian citizen?

In this scenario, you will automatically get citizenship. But you need to apply for your passport and submit all required documents.

New Zealand Citizens – Separate Citizenship provision

Different eligibility standards set for New Zealand Citizens to obtain Citizenship in Australia are –

  • Age – Between 18-59 years
  • Children’s age criteria – 16-17 years
  • Children under 16 should apply with their parents.
  • Candidates applied under the Commonwealth Child Migration plan.
  • Spouse/partner of an Australian citizen.
  • New Zealand Eligible Citizens.
  • Humanitarian immigrants or refugees.

Become Australian Citizenship – By Conferral or Grant

You can become an Australian citizen by conferral by meeting the below-mentioned conditions-

  • PR holder who is 60 or above
  • Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme eligible migrants
  • Spouse/ or partner of any citizen in Australia.
  • New Zealand Eligible Citizen.
  • Humanitarian/refugee migrants.
  • Permanent residents in Australia can have citizenship if they have descent with Australian citizenship at the time of application.

Investment option to become Australian National

There is also an investment option to apply for your citizenship. Certain requirements need to be met in this case. You must have minimum investment funding of AUD 200,000 to introduce your business, services, or product in Australia.

Documents Checklist – Prepare in advance

In case you are born an Australian Citizen, you need not collect these documents. Although you still require some paper to apply for your Australian passport. Let’s take a look at the documents mandatory to gather by other applicants.

  • Identity proof may include a driving license, birth certificate, or any other document authentically showing your identity.
  • A marriage certificate or any other paper is also required to show proof of your changed name.
  • Proof of permanent resident showing your legal status in Australia as a permanent national.
  • Documents proving your stay in Australia as per the Australian citizenship requirements.
  • Documents showing no criminal record in the past.

Australia-Citizenship test

You are exempted from the test if you are 60 or above. Physically disabled people also get relaxation from the test. The test is designed to let people know the history of Australia, its traditions, values, and national logs. It is mandatory for every individual looking to get the citizenship tag. The test is simple and requires you to take out some time for the preparation. So be ready for the test if you are going through the citizenship process.

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