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Things You Didn’t Know About Saunas


best sauna Melbourne

There are many benefits of taking a sauna – heats your body, you facilitate detoxification, and has intense cognitive and psychological effects. But did you know that saunas can also help with muscle soreness? In this article, learn about all the surprising ways that sweating in a sauna might benefit your health!

1. Health Benefits of a Sauna

Despite there being a plethora of information available about best sauna Melbourne, many people don’t know about their health benefits. A few of the health benefits associated with sauna time include improved respiratory function, increased circulation, and radiant heat helps to cleanse toxins from the skin. Saunas are also especially helpful for patients with irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, cystic fibrosis and other conditions.

2. Facts Every Man Should Know About Saunas

Men typically dislike saunas because they can be uncomfortable. The truth is that before the invention of saunas, there were many treatments for various illnesses and diseases. Saunas are beneficial for those who are willing to take health risks such as men, the elderly, and patients with chronic diseases. Sweat and heat therapy can clear out unwanted toxins in the body; it helps improve circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce headaches, aid digestion and boost moods.

3. Top Myths and Facts about Saunas

To start, sauna originated in Finland and comes from the term “suon” which means “hearth” or “fire.” It is basically a new fireplace but instead of using logs, people would sit next to a stove, sharing heat among themselves. During that time, they would keep their bathing and being warm close to the fire. Eventually, a hole was made in the roof to allow cold air into these areas and gradually this more stable version of saunas began to be used. 

4. Factors, Tools and Methods to Make a Sauna Work For You

Saunas not only provide you a relaxing, detoxifying way to release endorphins, they can be an effective part of your daily life in several areas. The right sauna can help you get a good night’s sleep by raising body temperature, stimulating heat-regulating cells and inducing delta waves. Delta waves typically occur during deep sleep and it’s been shown that these waves help the hippocampus to effectively store memories. The help with stubborn cellulite is becoming a trend, which comes from increased blood circulation and muscle heating leading to warming up deeper tissues including the layer beneath the skin that covers muscles. Being cold may seem like it would be better for healing; however, studies have shown that room temperature or slightly above provides for faster healing times than being chilled.

best sauna Melbourne

5. Techniques and Tips From Around the World

There are various ways to set up your sauna. There’s a Scandinavian way in which the lounge has a fire pit and is completely dark, while there’s also “Mediterranean-style”, where it’s light and airy but still feels very warm. Quotes like “sometimes the chalet will shake” and “he also spent many days drinking beer” are found throughout the blog.


best sauna Melbourne aren’t just for relaxing; they’re also a great way to detoxify and relieve any health problems you may have. You can use them for so many different purposes, such as alleviating pain in the shoulders and back, improving digestion, increasing lung capacity, and more.

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