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Chris Distefano, born in Brooklyn, New York, U.S on 26 of august in year 1984. His age is 38 at the time of his 2022 birthday. Chris has a career in Professional American Comedy, Podcast, and television. He completed his schooling and college in his hometown, graduated, and is highly educated.

Distefano began doing standup in August 2009. He was the host of his 2010 Fencing Masters show on SNY Network and the 2011 and 2012 March Madness comedy contest Elite 8 at the Comedy Club Carolines on Broadway. He also appeared on the show in 2012. Distefano was part of the MTV cast for Guy Code, which was in its second season. The following year, he joined the team on Girl Code.

On February 20, 2022, Distefano was sold-out for its debut performance at the famous Beacon Theater located in New York City. The show was later sold out. Second and third shows in the Gramercy Theater in March, and the band recorded their 2nd special, Special Veshy. According to his nationality, he’s American, and at the moment, his eating habits are not vegetarian. He also worships every God as well as Goddesses and celebrates all celebrations. His favourite pastime is acting. He is a fan of acting in films and TV shows.

Chris Distefano Date of Birth and Birthplace

Name Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano

Date of Birth: 26 August 1984

Origin of birth: Brooklyn, New York, U.S

Professional Profession: comedy Podcasts and television

Marital Status Single

Theology: Christian

The Nationality: American

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Chris Distefano Height and Body Measurement

Chris Distefano is an active and young person with a captivating personality. He’s typically six feet tall. His weight is around 70kg. His eyes are blue in color with black hair.

Height 6 feet

Weight: 70kg

Hair Colour: N/A

Eye Color N/A

Chris Distefano’s Net Worth

Chris Distefano estimated Net Worth is between $4 million and $7 million US.

He leads a luxurious lifestyle, owns a luxurious car and a large house, enjoys a lavish life, and travels worldwide, which we view through his regular update on Facebook and Twitter posts and his stories.

Chris Distefano Biography

Personal Life –Chris Distefano’s family Father/Mother/Siblings/Cousins

Chris was born on the 26th of August 1984, in Brooklyn, New York City. Chris was raised by his mother after his father died as a child. Chris went to St. Joseph’s College and had a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Chris earned the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the New York Institute of Technology.

Chris Distefano Wife

Chris was engaged to Carly Aquilino, his co-star in the film ‘Girl Code’. In the following years, they split up due to personal problems. Chris is now married to Jazzy, an instructor at Zumba. Chris and Jazzy have a daughter, Deliah.

Chris Distefano Girlfriend Jazzy

Jazzy Distefano, Chris’s wife, was born Jasmine Canuelas on April 17 1984, to Edward Distefano and Liz Canuelas. Jessica Canuelas is her junior sister, and they have a great relationship. Jazzy’s transition into a Zumba instructor has affected her life and the existence of students studying under her. The wife of the famous star is candid about how her struggle turned profession has helped her overcome postpartum.

She has launched a new program known as Jazzymethod, where she has integrated her weight loss and music to allow people to be active and enjoyment. She is being instructed to be a fitness expert in her efforts to aid pregnant women. She gained fame due to the popularity of her Celebrity partner, Chris Distefano, a famous actor and T.V. personality.

Chris Distefano Career

Chris constantly desired to work in a field that could inspire people to laugh. He was influenced by his father, who was also a funny person. Chris had also been a big fan of the legendary artist on podcasts, Jay Leno. It’s not surprising that he chose to pursue a career in comedy at an early age. Chris began by writing short comedy scripts and performing them at his local club. The majority of his shows were influenced by Jay Leno’s show. Alongside doing his show, he also viewed the work of comedians performing at top comedy clubs. He saw many shows performed by celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Chris Rock. Chris then began to forward his comedy scripts and ideas to famous comedy clubs. After a few rejections, Chris finally had the chance to perform a performance on one of the top venues, Gotham Comedy Club. The show was well-loved by the crowd, and quickly requests began to come in. Chris later went on to perform at a variety of other comedy clubs, including Carolines on Broadway and Comedy Cellar.

Chris made his breakthrough in 2010 when he was the host of his first event, the Fencing Masters US Olympics. After showing his host skills, Chris became the most sought-after host of the day. He was able to host the NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship in 2011. The same year, he made his debut as a stand-up comic. He was a part of an episode of the comedy show”Guy Code,”. The show is a way to show the code of behaviour of males in a humorous and sarcastic style. The show’s concept was intriguing and unique; it was well-liked by many and consequently attracted a large audience. Season two of the series that saw Chris was introduced was later proclaimed to be the most popular season. Chris remains a character in the program.

He was a host in 2012 and again appeared as host; however, this time, it was for a comedic event. He hosted the March Madness Comedy Contest, which was held on the stage at Caroline’s on Broadway. Due to his comedy talents, He was one of the popular hosts who could entertain the crowd with his wit. He provided the perfect opening for shows featuring ace comedians such as Richard Lewis, Gilbert Gottfried and Artie Lange. The year 2012 was an excellent year for Chris since he was picked as one of the comedians to be part of Comedy Central’s show “Comics to Watch.”. It was one of many events that were part of the New Year Festival in New York City. He was also awarded the title of “New York’s Funniest” and was selected as the scriptwriter for the Breakout Artist Comedy Series, which was staged on the stage of Carolines located on Broadway.

Chris has been a frequent guest on the Opie with Jim Norton show, a radio show hosted by Gregg Hughes and Jim Norton. Chris also has a long relationship with Sirius XM radio. 2013 was the first time Chris appeared on the MTV show”Girl Code”. The show was a continuation of ‘Guy Code’ and talked about the bond girls share with one another. He also performed an hour-long show at the 2013 comic-convention Comic-Con, which was held in San Diego, California. Along together with comic Lil Duval, hosted the premiere season of MTV’s television show ain’t That American’. This show received a rating of TV-14 because of the use of violent scenes as well as inappropriate language.

The most notable contribution of Chris in 2013 was CBS the late-night talk show”Late Show With David Letterman. Chris was a guest on the show, which was his first appearance on television. He was also the host of MTV’s VMA event, which was a pre-party called “Charlamagne & Friends. In the fall of 2013, Chris appeared in the third version of the ‘Guy Code and was titled ‘Guy Court’. The show featured an actual courtroom where the men were found guilty of violating the code. On the show, Chris played the role of the judge and the indictment. Chris began 2014 hosting the talk show about sports”Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave’. He was joined by actress Melanie Iglesias. He was later included in the comedy series ‘Benders”, in which he was the character of Anthony Pucillo.

Questions about Chris Distefano’s Wiki

Q.1 what was the name of Chris Distefano?

Ans. Chris Distefano is a Comedy TV, Podcast, and Television.

Q.2 which is Chris Distefano’s wife?

Ans. Chris Distefano’s wife’s name would be Jazzy Distefano.

Q.3 Was Chris’s age? Distefano?

Ans. Chris Distefano’s age is 38 years old as of 2022.

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