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Delta Corp Share Price Target, 2025, 2027, 2028, 2030

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Delta Company was first known by the name of Arrow Webtex Ltd. It is gaming, a company working in the field of hospitality, under which it also operates a lot of casinos and hotels. It is the only company in India that is listed and runs casinos. Most of their casinos are located in Goa and Panaji. It is one of the largest gemming companies in India, with a revenue of about Rs 4829 crore. They also have the name of the big player.

Delta Corp share price target 2022

If you look at the Delta Corp casino gaming business, one of the largest companies in India is seen, where the company in states like Goa, Sikkim and Daman has about 55% of its possession of the industry’s market. If you look within this company, there is also a very successful brand called Deltin, with the help of which Delta Corp has been able to make a strong identity in the casino business. In addition to the casino gaming business, Delta Corp is also seen slowly working on building its strong brand in Real Estate, Hospitality, and Online Gaming. Even though all the company’s business going on during the pandemic had a significant impact, as the environment seems to be improving, every company’s business segment is also showing good growth. Looking at the good steady growth in a short time, the delta corp share price target with good returns by 2022, the first target looks like showing you 250 rupees. As soon as this target is interested, you will quickly see the second target touching 260 rupees.

Delta Corp share price target 2023

Delta Corp has seen its business growth with good momentum in the online gaming segment in the last few years. The company’s online poker gaming site Adda52 is seen to be the biggest brand in India, and at the same time, Delta Corp is also seen adding a lot of new gaming sites in the online segment. The company has recently acquired Halaplay, a fantasy app, to fast-track its business in the online gaming segment. The company is constantly growing in excellent revenue from this segment. Analysts say that the online gaming industry in India is still seen at an early stage, as its craze will be seen increasing in the coming days. The online gaming segment of Delta Corp will see excellent benefits. Looking at the growing business in online gaming, delta corp’s share price target of 2023 showed good returns, and the first target you can get to is 290 rupees. After that, you can see the second target being 310 rupees interest.

Delta Corp Share Price Target 2024

The business has to spend the most on marketing, and the marketing expense significantly impacts the margins of its profits. If you are an investor, you must maintain all of these items. The gambling business itself creates obstacles for new players because of the hurdle of licensing. This is a strong argument in favor of the casino company. In addition, the casino industry in India is not well-known. The future is that it is expected to grow more rapidly in year 2024 in first target will be Rs 333 and second target share price will be Rs 360 .

Delta Corp share price target 2025

Delta Corp is slowly showing a lot of focus on missing its casino business, for which the company is also seen managing its business in the new location. The company seems to be adding a lot of licenses to the casinos of different states and are gradually getting licenses. In the coming days, as the company will be seen getting casino licenses in most of the states, the casino business of the company is going to see significant growth. At the same time, Delta Corp. is rapidly expanding its casino business in those places by partnering with hotels and companies of cruises in different states. The company’s business model is very effective; due to the assets light business model, delta corp seems to be very much hoping to expand its casino business rapidly in the coming days. As the casino business becomes afloat, the Delta Corp share price target 2025 with good growth in the industry; the first target can be seen showing you Rs 400. And then you can think of holding the second target for Rs 430.

Delta Corp share price target 2026

With the help of strong brand value, the way Delta Corp is seen to be spreading the casino gaming business in more and more tourist places and the way the government is also gradually licensing the casino business, the company’s business is going to be growing very fast in the coming days; as a result, good growth in the industry is going to be seen in the future. If you look at the delta corp share from the point of view of investing, then because there is no big partner company in the company’s market related to this sector. There is no big partner company in the business. The investment of FIIs can also be seen increasing in the coming time this company so that a good jump in the company’s share price can be seen in 2026 in first target share price at Rs 470 and second target price will be Rs 530.

Delta Corp share price target 2027

Delta corp Company is a monopoly company in the gambling and online gaming sectors. The company primarily operates in three segments casino, online gambling, and hospitality. Last year’s total revenue of the company is predicted to be Rs 530 crore, and the net profit is Rs 67 crore, which is expected to be increasing with good growth year after year. If talk about the share price target of the company in 2027, then this year and the whole world, Indian stock market can also see a lot of turmoil. The company’s stock is trading at around Rs 580 in year 2027.

Delta Corp share price target 2028

Delta corp Company operates in three segments. 43% of the company’s total revenue comes from gambling and 43% from online gaming platforms. In the future, the company’s business can perform well because the youth generation’s craze for online gaming is increasing. The ROE and ROCE of the company’s Stoke have not been perfect for the last few years. But looking at the plan of the company management, it can be assumed that the company’s business can perform well in the coming days. The company is expecting to investing 2,000 crore rupees in its new project, the benefit of which will be seen in the growth of the company’s stock along with the company in the long run. If all goes well in the stock market, we can see delta Corp Company trading around 650 rupees in share price target 2028.

Delta Corp share price target 2029

Delta corp Company has a 34% stake in Advani Hotels and Resorts. Now, after Corona, the company’s net profit will also increase as soon as the tourists start moving around. The company has started working on a new project. In this project, the company is going to invest 200 crore rupees. The company is expected to get revenue of Rs 400-450 crore from here. If this happens, it will benefit the company, and its stock can also see a good rally. The Deltacorp Company Share Price Target 2029 can be from Rs 660 to Rs 725.

Delta Corp share price target 2030

From the point of view of a long time, if you look at the business of Delta Corp, there is a big possibility of good growth. Delta Corp is slowly making a strong mark in the market of organized companies in India’s casino gaming sector. At the same time, there is no such strong organized second partner company in this industry, due to which delta corp seems to be very quickly expected to take control of the new market very easily in the coming time. Gradually, due to the changing lifestyle of people and the regular increasing income, people are seen showing more and more interest in moving around, due to which the casino gaming industry is constantly showing good growth every year. In the coming days, there is a strong expectation of offering a good increase in the development of this industry with good speed. Considering the growth of the business, in the long run, delta corp’s share price target shows good growth to shareholders by 2030 and the share price, you see the possibility of showing around 900 rupees.

Delta Corp Share Price Target Table 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

2022 First Target Rs 250
2022 Second Target Rs 260
2023 First Target Rs 290
2023 Second Target Rs 310
2024 First Target Rs 333
2024 Second Target Rs 360
2025 First Target Rs 400
2025 Second Target Rs 430
2026 First Target Rs 470
2026 Second Target Rs 530
2027 First Target Rs 530
2027 Second Target Rs 580
2028 First Target Rs 580
2028 Second Target Rs 650
2029 First Target Rs 660
2029 Second Target Rs 720
2030 Target Rs 900

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