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Emily Cinnamon Alvarez Biography, Age, Net Worth, Weight, Height


Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer. Being Canelo Alvarez’s child is the reason she’s famous. Cinnamon Alvarez was spotted taking part in her father’s events. The bond between fathers and young children is excellent. Her father has achieved notable victories between light and lightweight heavyweight in four weight classes.

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez was born in Juanacatlan, Jalisco, Mexico, on October 12, 2005. Since Emily was taken to a wealthy, well-off Christian household, her family is a follower of the faith of Christianity. She’s 17 at the time of her 2022 birthday.

She is well-known for her horse riding, love of horses, and ability to perform tricks with horses. She can spend much of her time working towards becoming an internationally renowned equestrian and revelling in glory and success like her father.

Emily’s father’s children, Canelo and his prior lovers and wives, Fernanda Gomez Valeria Quiroz and Nelda Sepulveda, comprise Emily’s three siblings. Emily has three siblings: (half-brother) Saul Adiel Alvarez, Maria Fernanda Alvarez and half-sister Mia Ener Alvarez.


  • Full Name: Emily Cinnamon Alvarez
  • Famous For: Daughter of Canelo Alvarez
  • Profession: Boxer
  • Estimated Net Worth: NA
  • Age: 17 years old in 2022
  • Birth Date: October 12, 2005
  • Birth Sign: N/A
  • Birth Place: Mexico
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Zodiac Sign – Scorpio
  • Religion – Christianity

Physical appearance

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is 1.6 meters tall and weighs about 54 kilograms. She has a warm personality. She has hazel-coloured eyes and blonde hair that is light brown.

  • Height (approx.): 6m or 5’3″
  • Weight (approx.): 119.05 lbs or 54 kg
  • Eye Color: hazel
  • Hair Color: light brown

Favourite Things:-

  • Favourite Foods: Chocolates and pizzas
  • Hobbies: Travelling and Exploring
  • Favourite Singers: N/A
  • Favourite Colors: N/A
  • Favorite Films: Logan
  • Favourite Colors: White, Yellow,& Red
  • Favourite Sports: Horse Riding
  • Favourite Holiday Destinations: London, Paris & Dubai

Net worth

More information about Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s net worth is needed. She is still a kid who is determined to complete her studies. As per Sporting News, her father, Canelo, has a net worth of nearly $140 million by 2020. Her father can ensure her the most luxurious life possible and give her this massive wealth.

Personal Life

Emily is just 14 years old and young, which means there’s a chance that she’s not been married as of yet. However, everything must be clarified since the girl hasn’t shared anything about her life. As a young woman, she seems to be very private.

Sal Adiel lvarez, Ma Energy Alvarez, Maria Fernanda lvarez Maria Fernanda lvarez, Sal Adiel lvarez, as well as Ana Maria Barragan are Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s half-siblings. Each one of them has one mother who is different from the others.

Mia has Emily’s half-sister. She is Mia, a Mexican boxer’s son. Mia was born when the actor had a romantic affair with Valeria Quiroz, a gorgeous model. Valeria is Mia’s mom. She lives with her family in Los Angeles, California.

Alvarez, Maria Fernanda (Mother: Fernanda Gomez). Maria is Emily’s youngest half-sister as well as Canelo’s youngest child. Canelo and her mom, Fernanda Gomez, enjoyed an affair for a short time that was over when she got pregnant and gave Maria a baby. Maria.

According to rumours, the two lovers were introduced through a friend employed by Oscar De La Hoya, another professional athlete. Fernanda and Canelo’s love affair was short-lived, lasting only one year before they broke up; however, she got pregnant.

Despite his busy schedule, Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez is still in contact with his daughter, Maria. The boxer planned and implemented an enjoyable party for her first birthday celebration. Cinnamon Alvarez has one brother, Saul Adiel Alvarez.

The Mexican boxer’s initial child, Saul, was born in 2019, and the fourth son was born in 2020. It was nine months after that of his third child, Maria. The mother of his son, Nelda Sepulveda, was an entrepreneur. Canelo’s first son was baptized in 2019.

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Father Canelo Alvarez

Mother Karen Beltran

Siblings Saúl Adiel Álvarez, Mía Ener Álvarez, María Fernanda Álvarez, and Ana Maria Barragán


Emily Cinnamon is just 17 years old, so there is no point that she can be married. And she won’t even have any romantic relationship. In addition, at this age, she is more focused on herself and her career and wants to become like her dad shortly.

  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Husband/Spouse: N/A
  • Affairs/Boyfriends: N/A
  • Children’s: N/A

Alvarez Career

Canelo initially succeeded in his chosen field but became a father in his teens. When her father became a father, he was just 16-17. Emily, his cherished daughter, was born in 2007, but the precise date of birth has yet to be confirmed.

Emily and her father have a lot of ties, and it was revealed that the boxer refers to her as “My little princess” and has shown how much he loves her. Furthermore, the fighter has a tattoo of his daughter’s face on his dominant right arm. Similarly, Emily was given the centre name “Cinnamon,” his father’s wrestling nickname.


Karen Beltran is Emily Cinnamon Alvarez‘s mother. Karen and Canelo were high school sweethearts who dated but never married. Even though Canelo and Karen are no longer married, they are still involved in their daughter’s life and are assisting her in becoming a successful lady.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Emily Cinnamon Alvarez?

Born on October 12, 2005, Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is 17.

Who is Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s mother?

The name of Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s mother is Karen Beltrán.

Who is Canelos’s daughter?

The names of Canelos’s daughters are Emily Cinnamon Alvarez, María Fernanda Álvarez, and Mía Ener Álvarez.

When is Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s Date of Birth?

Her date of birth is 12th October 2005.

Who is Emily Cinnamon Alvarez?

She is a famous Mexican professional boxer and is also known as the daughter of Canelo Álvarez.

What are her plans?

She will work in more Hollywood movies in the upcoming years.

Is there any controversy associated with her?

No, there has been no controversy with her till now.

What is Emily Cannimon Alvarez’s height?

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

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