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EPL Football News 2023


Football lovers are going to taste a really hard battle in the Premier League this time: last season’s winners are all set with their strengthened squads to give a tough competition to each other!

Well, it is going to be quite interesting for the football fans who are going to devour premier league matches 2022-23 that are going to commence from 6th of August 2022. The fixtures and venues are all set with properly planned schedules and team setups. Both the winners of the last season are equally going to hunt for the Premier League Trophy this time. The battle is really going to be tough!

Both Manchester City and Liverpool have made little fluctuations in their existing teams to make them a bit more strengthened. 

Certain instances have revealed that Manchester has signed Argentinian forward Julian Elvis and English midfielder Kelvin Philips to boost up their squad. On the other hand, Liverpool too has signed two new young forwards in their team namely Darwin Nunez and Jurgen Klop. They believe that the void created by Sadio Mane, who joined Munich in the summer, can best be filled this way.

The Reds have also added two talented players namely Calvin Ramsay and midfielder Carvelho. The schedule and fixtures have already been planned and the teams are looking forward to hunt for the trophy with all their might.

The matches are really going to be interesting, with the starting one to be hosted at Crystal Palace on Saturday at 12:30 a.m. IST, hosting Arsenal at Selhurst Park. 

The match is equally interesting for the spectators too as it’s quite interesting to witness such a tough sort of competition being posed by each of the teams to make every possible effort to grab the trophy of the Premier League and own the title for 2022-23 to their house.

Trotting towards the managerial side, this time Erick Ten Hag, has been shouldered with the responsibilities of management. He has been a winner of the two league titles and KNVB cups in his time from the Netherlands. Hag greatly exhibits dominating possession. The Red Devils have shown remarkable upgradation in possession, retention and pressing.

The Club’s supporters are expecting that the newly made amendments are really going to boost up their performance in the Premier League and they definitely would win the title this year.

Some newly promoted teams have also been included in the league.These include AFC Bournemath, Fulham and Nottingham forest.

AFC Bournemath is being led by Eddie Howe and it showed up in the league in 2015. However, the team faced relegation in 2020. Fulham has managed to secure this promotion for the third time in 6 years and they are being managed by Marco Siva. They appeared back after topping the championship in the last season.

The third one namely Nottingham Forest has twice been a European winner and they are being guided by Steve Cooper.

In the nutshell all the teams have made certain changes in the existing teams and are also working hard on their skills to grab the titles. Watching the teams compete would really be a cool experience that is really going to thrill the viewers with excitement!

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