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Home Renovation Guide: Heating, Gas Safety, Plumbing and Electrics

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Home renovation is a growing industry. An estimated 77% of all UK homeowners spent money on home renovations. That is more than three-quarters of all property owners. COVID-19 lockdowns that forced people to stay at home have fueled the trend.

A wide range of activities comes under home renovation. These range from a simple paint job to a whole new building. Anything to improve the property is part of home renovation.

Reasons For Home Renovation

More and more people are investing in improving their property. Home renovations provide plenty of advantages that make the investment worth it.

Home renovation projects usually increase the value of the house. In this manner, money spent on home improvement comes back immediately in form of gains to the value of the property.

Many home improvement projects also make the house more efficient. Installing new electrical appliances that are energy efficient is one such example. The cost savings that arise from such a project can help reduce utility bills. Improved efficiency is better for the environment as well.

Finally, home renovations can increase available space. Many home improvement projects involve extensions that create more space.

Home Renovation- Heating, Gas Safety, Plumbing, And Electrics

Benefits of home renovations aside, one should not ignore the risks DIY improvement projects entail. NHS (National Health Service) data shows that around 5,600 people sustained injuries in 2021 because of handling electrical tools for DIY projects.

This one statistic indicates just how dangerous home renovation can be. Some projects are more dangerous than others. Here is a simple guide to major home improvement categories and the necessary safety precautions:


The heating system is an important part of any property. It is what makes the house comfortable. Most houses in the UK use a boiler to maintain the temperature. A typical boiler unit lasts anywhere from 10 to 12 years. If you keep it in good condition, it might even make it to 15 years.

Boiler parts should be clean and dust-free if you want them to perform well. Always contact a professional to check the heating system if you think something is wrong. It is a piece of equipment best left to the experts.

You may need to get more radiators or replace a part that is not working properly. Many people also change the entire heating system in favor of one that is environmentally friendly. Always consult a professional and follow their advice no matter what your requirement is.

Gas Safety

Gas safety is an issue few people consider. However, it requires serious consideration. If a home renovation job interferes with the gas system it can cause a major problem. Few people get gas safety certification each year.

Since accidents relating to gas safety are rare, many people do not take gas safety seriously. It is an absolute necessity to contact a gas safety engineer before making any related changes. You may get a gas safe certification each year, however consulting a gas safe engineer when renovating the house is very important.

A gas safety engineer can help determine the best way to complete a home improvement job without any issues. Even if you are working with a contractor, they are not experts in gas safety. Gas safety is not just limited to gas connections and appliances, it is also related to your vents and chimney.


Bathrooms are particularly popular targets of home improvement along with kitchens. It is essential to examine the pipework before any changes take place. Hire a good plumber who can understand the pipework system running through the house.

You may need to update your plumbing especially if you are having issues with the water pressure. If your house has an old building you may need to check for lead pipes. Lead pipes can be poisonous. If that is the case, you will need to change the entire pipework of the house.


Electric fittings and wirings are also a major area of possible accidents. Any places that have bare wires. It is also best to call in an electrician to look at the wiring.

An electrician will be able to guide you on how to go about home improvement without messing up the wiring of the house. They can also fix any issues that may be present with the existing electrical system.

Guide To Home Renovation

Home renovation can be quite difficult, especially if the scale of operations is huge. There are lots of issues to consider. This is why it is always better to organize yourself.

First, make a list of all improvement projects you wish to get done. Try to make the list starting with the most urgent task. This will let you know where to begin work.

Consult a contractor if you cannot DIY everything. It is particularly important to include not just a contractor but also experts if the renovation involves plumbing, heating, gas safety, or electronic-related tasks. There is nothing more important than safety, and professionals train in doing their jobs well and in a safe manner.

Even when you start the improvement projects make sure safety guidelines are being followed on your property. This will prevent any potential accidents. Update your gas appliances and electronic connections to more efficient and safer options if you have the budget.

It is better to keep everything neutral. Do not overdo a style. Otherwise, you will get too tired of seeing the style. It is better to get have a classic look that lasts a long time.

Once you have all your projects planned and organized get estimates for the costs. Look for different contractors. Read reviews and hire someone with a good reputation. Even if you do not have a big budget, it is better to delay some projects rather than hire someone who is affordable but does not have a good reputation.

Finally, it is time to monitor and execute. Each stage of home renovation is important. It is a complete process. This is why doing your research pays off. You will end up increasing the value of your house and improving your quality of life.

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