Grow Your Business with Toll-Free Numbers



The toll-free number is a cloud-based communication number that customers can use without paying any amount. The business pays the cost of all inbound and outbound calls. It is also called free call or free phone which starts with a specific prefix number. The toll-free number often starts with 1800, 800, 888, 855, etc. which represents a geographical code. Toll-free India number begins with the code 1800 which is followed by six or seven-digit unique numbers. A business can easily get a toll-free number in India offered by the best toll-free number provider.

Three Types of Toll-Free Numbers

  1. Domestic toll-free number: A business that caters to domestic customers with offices in different locations can use a toll-free number to enable its customers to call them quickly. It offers services to the local and national customer base.
  2. Universal International Free Number (UIFN): UIFN is an eleven-digit contact number that is used by a business for universal business communication. It aims to be universally present in all geographical locations where it can conduct business. This type of toll-free number helps a business that aspires to make a global footprint or that aims to create an international brand presence. A business can use this toll-free number despite being in any specific geographical location and enables hassle-free communication for the customers.
  3. International Toll-Free Number: This type of toll-free number is country-specific which allows a business to easily connect with customers. It offers customers easy communication channels without spending any money.

Some toll-free number provider offers all three types, while some toll-free number provider offers only one or two types. A business can use any type of toll-free number that helps in business growth. It depends on the target customer base and markets.

Toll-Free Numbers for Business Growth

  1. Boosting brand image: A business can get a toll-free number in India to boost business. A toll-free number helps customers to identify a business and connect instantly. It can improve the image of the business and offer easy accessibility. Toll-free numbers can be used on social media platforms to mark their market presence. It supports generating trust with the customers.
  2. Enhance marketing efforts:Toll-free India can be used to achieve success in enhancing marketing efforts. It serves as an efficient marketing tool that allows a business to strengthen its business growth. It allows businesses to draw more potential customers as well as have a stable customer base.
  3. Expand new market: A business can get a toll-free number in India to expand new business. A toll-free number helps to boost call volumes with seamless communication. A business can be of any size or can locate in any settlement which does not affect the quality of service offered. It can easily offer national and international services with very less investment. A business can swiftly operate different offices by rooting in one location. A toll-free number helps a business to easily attract customers from any location without the barrier of location or customers spending money to contact the business.
  4. Economical:A business can make the best use of a toll-free number for business growth as it is versatile. It is easy to use after installation and does require any expert or extra cost for hardware and infrastructure. Toll-free India plans start at very minimum rates and offer the best customer satisfaction. It also can be installed on any device that further allows business flexibility to work. It can be used from any place and calls can be transferred to a landline or personal contact numbers without sharing any details.
  5. Generate revenue: Toll-free numbers support a business to generate sales easily. It helps with strategies and generates lots of sales. As a toll-free number helps a business to generate more leads, it helps to enhance sales and generate more revenues. With outbound calls, it helps to share details of new launches, discounts, and sales. It can use different strategies to attract more clients and boost sales.

Toll-free numbers are easy cloud solutions that can be integrated with other solutions. Integration is another way that strengthens the solution for easy business growth. A toll-free solution supports the business to offer better working options for the agents while offering the best customer service.

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