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How Can I Share my Latest Trekking Photos and Videos with my Friend & Family?

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If you are also an avid trekker like me then let me help you safeguard your data. So, first an foremost if along with trekking you are found of capturing the moments. Then I’m sure you must be having tons of photos and videos scattered here and there on your drives and computer.


On the top of that if you are a Vlogger then securing that data is what you must be looking forward too. Because we all know how important data is for any content creator. So, lets learn different techniques of saving our data online and offline in 2023


Best options to save data online in 2023


Google drive: 


Yes it is the most reliable option as of 2023. Google has multiple servers and data centers throughout the world. Which makes your data almost immortal. That means you won’t ever have to worry about losing your data.


Moreover their charges are very affordable. Starting with just $1.5 for 1 month. You just need to make sure you have activated 2 factor authentication to secure your google account.


Also since your data is saved on the cloud so you can easily access your data from anywhere in the world. Google also provide you option to backup your device in which you can backup your entire phone’s data.


One Drive:


Most windows users are aware of this service. One drive provides you an option to save 5GB of free data. Moreover if you buy their Microsoft 365 plan then you get humongous 1TB of data limit.


Now again it is online cloud service. So, you will be able to access it from around the world with just your account details. Moreover, it is fully encrypted and you can save files across multiple computers.




Dropbox is another very well known service in 2023 for online data storage. See if you are a traveler then buying a NAS or Network Attached Storage is not a feasible option. So it is rather easy to save data oline.


Dropbox gives you an option to upload free 2gb of data online. With dropbox plus at $9.99 per month you get 2 TB of storage.


Now, most Nas’s nowadays can be accessed online too. So let’s learn which are best nas’s to save data on.


Saving Data On NAS

Synology Nas


Synology Nas comes with different Raid Configurations. You can buy either 2 bay Nas or 4 Bay or 10 Bay as per your need. Also you can accordingly select which Raid type is best for you. On the top of that settings up Synology Nas is very simple. You just need to hook the device and type “” to start its setup.


Plus you can access the data on your NAS online too from anywhere on the globe. You just need to create one synology quick connect ID and its done. You can now access the NAS through that link, just like how we access google drive.


Netgear NAS


Netgear also provides Network attached storage system called readynas. Although we recommend you to go for synology. Because their support and services are at par with Netgear.




With the title tag of being the “most affordable Nas” on amazon. Terramaster doesn’t compromise on the security and performance.


With it’s terramaster f2-210 at just $159.99 it is no doubt the most affordable nas. By using Terrsync you will be able to manage your Terramaster NAS online too just like any other online cloud service.




Another option to save data offline and online both is Asustor NAS. Now, this nas is also very affordable. Asustor also comes with “EZ connect” feature that lest you access your nas from anywhere on the planet.




So, these are some of the option that you can use to save your data online. It totally depends on your budget and usage for which option you want to go for. If you are big enterprise and multiple people are going to access the files at the same time. Then going for NAS is better option.


Whereas if you are an individual user with only few GB’s to store than go for cloud storage.

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