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How Can You Assist Your Child in Studying for an Exam?


Is your kid well-versed with exam-related material? Preparing children for exams is a daunting task. They don’t know that they need to prepare. They’ll be up all night studying for their next test if they don’t get their act together. It is important for students to learn how to properly organise their time and efforts. We can help our children prepare for their exams by being more active in their lives and providing them with advice on how to study for tests.

Top 10 Tips for Exam Preparation

When it comes to preparing your kid for exams, here are some suggestions from top schools in Sharjah:

1.     Make a daily regimen for them.

In the beginning, kids don’t understand the need of preparing for success. They may believe that by studying only once, they would be prepared for all of their exams. Help your kid develop a study schedule to guarantee that they do well on their exams. It is important for a child to follow a schedule so that he or she knows when to study and when to play or unwind.

2.     Be clear about your expectations of them.

Students need to start preparing for exams early in order to do well on them. Tell your kid exactly what you anticipate of them throughout the test period. They can better study for the next test if they have an idea of the questions that will be asked. The best way to prepare for a test is to know exactly what will be covered.

3.     Pose inquiries; don’t assume anything.

Questions concerning exams should always be asked by parents if their kid is unclear about anything. They’ll be better prepared for the test if they put in more practise time. For example, if you believe they lack in general knowledge or morality subjects, you might ask them some questions. Asking questions and working with your kid on revision are essential for a successful result.

4.     Refrain from over-protection.

Your children, like any other student, will have to study for exams. However, they must study independently and take examinations free of your influence. If you’re too protective, kids may struggle with the preparation and fail to adequately prepare themselves for a competitive environment.

5.     Regularly revise the work.

When it comes to exam preparation, the most important thing to do is to revise often. Training according to the schedule is beneficial, but preparing yourself according to your own schedule might be a stumbling block. Consequently, students should study often and early in order to feel confident about their ability to review effectively before the test. Revision should be a daily priority for your kid, so make sure they know how to set out time for it.

6.     Pay attention to examination dates.

To get a good grade in exams, students just don’t need to study hard, but also keep track of significant dates. Students should not miss any major test dates, since failing to study on time might cost them a significant number of points. A child’s anxiety might cause them to forget significant dates.

7.     After classes, have some fun and stay active.

When we’re weary of planning and need a break, it’s tempting to take a few days off, but instead of wasting your kid’s whole year away, fill those days with things that keep them engaged and energised for the remainder of the year. They’ll get drained and bored if they don’t participate in these kinds of activities. They’ll have more fun with their lives if they create a schedule that accommodates both your academic and extracurricular pursuits.

8.     Make it a routine to prepare meals every day.

A student must work out on a daily basis. It assists in their recollection and even their awareness of what they’ve done. Making thorough preparations the first time around will save you time in the long run.

9.     To achieve success, put in the effort.

A child’s education should be built around strong ideas rather than merely textbooks. Get the older kids together and work on tasks like constructing a model aircraft or creating a quiz for the younger kids. It will teach them how to construct and ask effective exam questions, as well as psychologically prepare them for the experience.

10.  Surround your kids with intelligent peers.

Everyone somehow fails to realise that spending time with good people is excellent for us. We’re usually inspired to study more when we meet students who do well in class. As a result, kids are more motivated to get things done and are even able to perform a better job than they were doing alone.

To Conclude

When it comes to preparing their children for exams, parents have a number of options. Exams should be a time for parents to be present and encouraging. Boosting a child’s self-esteem may help them better prepare for examinations. For more details, connect with one of the top CBSE schools in Sharjah – ASPAM IIS.

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