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How to Choose Children’s Swimwear


School starts and swimming lessons are in full swing. If your children have signed up for swimming lessons or go into the pool every day, you will need swimsuits with Lifeguard Certification Near me. We remind you of what you must take into account to choose well and make the garments last.


Make sure the swimsuit fits comfortably. It should fit without being tight, and stay firm at the waist when swimming. A baggy swimsuit that doesn’t hold up well or one so tight that it leaves a mark are enough to spoil the fun in the pool.


Most girls’ swimsuits are one-piece. In other words, they are designed with the pool in mind and not the beach. Arena offers a wide variety of options for straps and backs, so you can find the style that looks good on your daughter and with which she is most comfortable in and out of the water. For older swimmers who take the sport more seriously, swimsuits with a larger opening on the back (the so-called ‘tech back’ or ‘freedom back’) are available, which provides freedom of movement.

The arena collection of boys’ training trunks includes briefs, shorts in various lengths and jammers. The brief offers the most freedom of movement and covers less. It is a matter of personal preference, but you have to take into account the sun exposure in case you use an outdoor pool. Arena also offers, for both boys and girls, swimming clothing designed to protect against UVA rays.


Children grow fast, so there is nothing more natural than the desire not to save money on something that will last them for months. That said, a quality swimsuit, apart from lasting longer, also makes a difference when it comes to comfort and performance. To get the most out of your purchase, choose the right material for the use that the swimsuit is going to have and follow the instructions on the label.


Some of the arena swimsuits are made with Max Fit fabric, a mix of nylon and elastane that is very comfortable due to its elasticity and perfect fit, as well as keeping its shape well and resisting chlorine and sunlight. Ideal for a swimsuit that is used once or twice a week.

If your children swim daily and don’t have several swimsuits to alternate between, or if they’re older and won’t outgrow them so quickly, a garment made from Max Life, an innovative polyester-based fabric that resists chlorine, is right for you. and friction and offers excellent protection against UVA rays.

garment care

To make your children’s swimsuits last as long as possible, rinse them with non-chlorinated water immediately after use. Do not leave them wet inside the bag for a long time and do not expose the bag to direct sunlight. When you get home, wash the swimsuits with detergent for delicate garments and let them air dry away from heat sources. Do not dry clean them, or use bleach, dryer or iron.

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