How to Create Flipbook from PDF: 4 Steps involved!


In this digital age, a flipping book is a great way to share your PDF document on the web. It is an interactive page-flipping format of your original PDF file that you can view online. It offers a more realistic page-turning experience with sound effects and page flip animations. Besides, it also gives you a better reading experience. You can even embed videos and audio in your PDF flipbook. Apart from these functions, it helps you optimize SEO by customizing Title, Description and Keywords for web search engines so that people can easily find your flipbook online. As a result, you can achieve high visibility on search engines. What’s more, you can track the traffic and analyze the statistics of your flipbook to know how many people have visited and read your flipbook online. In this article, we talk more about flipbooks and how to create flipbook from PDF.

Why pick flipbooks rather than PDFs?

PDFs are important. We know that PDFs are really important. We all like PDFs because they are more portable, can be used universally and don’t take up much space on hard drives. But the problem with PDFs is that they are static. They cannot be updated or modified. It is hard to find what you want in a PDF file and to interact with it.

PDFs also don’t allow readers to share pages with friends, or even just keep them open while they switch between tabs on their browser.

PDF files are popular document formats that can be used to share information with other people. However, they have a significant limitation in the sense that they cannot easily be used to send interactive documents. For example, if you want to click on a URL in a PDF file and go directly to the website, this is not possible without first copying the URL into your browser.

This is where flipbooks come in. These are digital publications that are easy to create and distribute over the Internet. They are also highly interactive and make it easy for readers to find exactly what they are looking for by using the search feature.

What is more, flipbooks also allow readers to share content on social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) which makes them ideal for marketing purposes or whenever you wish to reach out to a wide audience.

How to create flipbook from PDF

A digital flipbook is an interactive digital publication that allows readers to view the contents of a book by flipping pages in a web browser. Just like a physical book, the reader can flip through the pages of the digital flipbook, just without turning any actual paper.

A digital flipbook can be used for creating e-books, magazines, catalogs and other types of publications. To create one, you need software that converts PDF to flipbook. Here we’ll show you how easy it is to create your first digital publication with a flipbook maker online.

Step 1: Sign up on a flipbook maker

You can choose a reputed flipbook maker from the available choices on the internet.

Step 2: Upload your PDF files

Before converting PDF to flipbook format, you need to upload your PDF file or files using the drop zone or buttons on the homepage. You can also upload a single file from your computer or Google Drive account.

Step 3: Customize

Customize html5 flipbook in the program interface according to your needs. You can change the background images or colors, add book information and set icons for sharing on social networks, edit toolbar settings and so forth.

Step 4: Distribute

Distribute your flipbook freely on the platforms you want (social media, via email, via a QR code, etc.).

With the aforementioned steps, you now know how to create flipbook from PDF.

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