SJVN Share Price Target

SJVN Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2028, 2030

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SJVN and Mini Ratna, Phase I, and Schedule-‘A CPSE are under the Department of Energy’s control. India merged on May 24, 1988, as a joint venture of the Government of India (GOI) and the Government of Himachal Pradesh (GOHP). India, 26.85% with the Government of Himachal Pradesh and the 13.23% remaining are public. One state can only operate one project (i.e. India’s 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri Hydro, Himachal Pradesh. The Company approved seven projects, including an installed power of 2016.51 MW and an 86 km 400 V Transmission Line.

SJVN Target Share Price 2024

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission has granted a Phase provincial trade license to SJVN for India. SJVN released the Goal Book of UPNEDA for a 75 MW grid connected to the Solar Power Project, Gurhah, Jalaun districts, and a 50 MW grid-connected to the Solar Power Project Kanpur district Dehat province, Uttar Pradesh, through Tax-Based Competition. SJVN achieved a target price of Rs. 45 for first target of year 2024. The target price for the second share that SJVN shares will be able to acquire up to the end of 2024 is Rs. 46.

SJVN Share Price Target 2025

To meet the demand for power in the domestic and international markets, SJVN is seen to be adding to the reach of its business in different countries. The company has unveiled its power generation project to expand its business in countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and the country around India. In the coming days, the SJVN is seen making complete plans to expand its business in the nations around India. With the domestic market having strong partnerships with different state governments to sell its electricity, the long-term is seen to be entering into a strong partnership with the government of outside countries. It can be fully expected that the company’s business will show very fast growth in the coming time. With the company’s business growing rapidly everywhere, the SJVN share price target shows good growth until 2025; the first target shows you Rs 50. And then you can think of holding the second target for Rs 54.

Future of SJVN Share Price Target 2026

From the perspective of the future, the way the government of every country is seen to be adding to the people to use more and more renewable energy, keeping in mind the environment. In the coming time, as people will be seen increasing the use of renewable energy, the demand for this will grow very fast. The benefit will be seen only for companies like SJVN, which already work in this sector.

Keeping in mind as the power demand is increasing, the company is seen raising the power generation capacity according to its plan to make more and more of its possession in this growing market, the benefit of which is going to be seen in the 2026, the SJVN share price target shows good growth until 2026; the first target shows you Rs 63. And then you can think of holding the second target for Rs 66.

SJVN Share Price Target 2027

Along with the increasing power demand, SJVN also focuses on increasing its power generation capacity. The company has also invested a lot of money in many new projects to increase power generation in the last few years, and many such big projects are yet to be completed. There is a hope of completion of these projects in the coming time. The management is looking to make a complete plan to increase the power generation capacity to about 5000 MW with the help of its new project by 2027. As the power generation in these new projects of the company will start operating in the coming days, the goal of increasing the company’s power generation capacity also seems to be fully expected to be fulfilled. With the increase in the company’s power production capacity, the SJVN share price target is also showing the same increase in the business by 2027, showing the first target of Rs 74 and second target of Rs 76.

SJVN Share Price Target 2028

Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam, which most people well known as SJVN, is a company which is mainly involved in the power generation and transmission business. SJVN relies on many different sources like hydropower, thermal, solar, and wind for its power generation; because the company’s business is not dependent on any one basis, the company can meet the demand for a lot of increasing power very efficiently. Recently, there has been a lot of confusion in the business of SJVN; now, the company has also received its license from CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) to trade power along with power generation. As the company will trade its capacity as the source of revenue of the company increases, you are going to see tremendous growth in the business in first target of Rs 83 till Rs 85, second target.

SJVN Target Share Price 2029

SJVN has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments to provide consulting services in developing solar energy projects. SJVN will implement these throughout the country. REIL, a specialist in solar energy projects and facilities, will help SJVN award a project management award for the launch of solar power stations. They have the potential to grow the company’s business at a rapid pace and will show a share price of around Rs 90 in the first target and Rs. 94 in the second target, owing to the SJVN share target of 2029.

SJVN Share Price Target 2030

As you look at the power sector for a long time, the time to come is going to be renewable energy; given the future, SJVN is increasing its investment amount in this segment in a big way to expand its business to renewable energy. The company will grow its growth in the renewable energy sector in the coming days, and you can easily pick it up. The government is also seen making all-out efforts to provide practical help to the domestic companies associated with this sector under a different scheme. Every year to promote the renewable energy sector, companies like SJVN are also seen to be taking advantage of this help of the government and growing the business very fast. Given the pace of increasing the company’s business in the long run, they have the full potential to show tremendous growth to shareholders by the SJVN share price target of 2030 and show the share price around Rs 100.

SJVN Share Price Target Table

2024 First Target Rs 45
2024 Second Target Rs 46
2025 First Target Rs 50
2025 Second Target Rs 54
2026 First Target Rs 63
2026 Second Target Rs 66
2027 First Target Rs 74
2027 Second Target Rs 76
2028 First Target Rs 83
2028 Second Target Rs 85
2029 First Target Rs 90
2029 Second Target Rs 94
2030 Target Rs 100

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