Suzlon Share Price Target 2023

Suzlon Share Price Target 2023, 2025, 2027, 2029, 2030

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Suzlon Company Limited is a top-of-the-line wind power company that has been ranked number four in developing wind turbines in Asia and eighth around the world. Suzlon is a leader in every aspect of wind power from beginning to end. It’s an international business with a global headquarters in Pune (India).

Suzlon share price target 2022

If you examine the company’s earnings over the past year, the overall income growth of the company has demonstrated an increasing rate over the last four quarters. As the company is developing new plans to expand its operations, it’s also made profits over the previous little quarters. The company has witnessed promising results in its quarterly reports, which suggests that it can expect an increase in revenue and profit over the following days. As the business grows, it is also beginning to receive massive projects.

In the next few days, the business will need to complete tasks in these areas, allowing you to reap profit growth. In 2022, the first goal that the Suzlon share will likely at 12 rupees; then, shortly after, you’ll observe the second target, which is 15.89 rupees.

Suzlon share price target 2023

For Wind Energy, Suzlon Energy is one of the biggest firms in India. The company has the privilege of holding of 33% market share. Due to the rising demand for green energy, the company appears to be adding more to the capacities of its power. The company currently has ability for power production of 19,108 MW. In the next few days, the management will be increasing the investment to boost the capacity. While at the same time, Suzlon Energy is working on expanding the production capacity of its power by making changes to its wind turbine. Just as the capacity of Suzlon Energy’s power will be shown to be growing in all ways, and depending on Suzlon Energy’s market share, the growth will be evident. As the company increases Suzlon Energy’s market share, its initial goal is 40.87 rupees growing well in Suzlon Energy’s share price Target of 2023. In the following years, you’ll identify the next target, 60.79 rupees in interest.

Suzlon share price target 2024

Suzlon is always focused on developing research and development to improve its products. With its decades of history of management experience, this company has made lots of innovations and expansions in wind turbines. This is because it can expand the capacity of energy production from its wind turbines to an enormous extent. In addition, the company is developing new-generation carbon-fiber turbines quickly for the next turbine model. Like Suzlon Energy will be seen creating the most effective product shortly through its vigorous R&D company, it has the potential to witness massive growth. Based on the company’s development and growth, it is expected to grow. Suzlon Energy Share Price Target in 2024 also shows an increase in the business. The initial goal is to bring you 80.35 rupees. After these targets interest you, you’ll soon find the second target with 120.58 rupees.

Suzlon share price target 2025

The primary goal of the business is to lower its debt as quickly as is feasible. By doing this, the company will be able to grow its operations faster soon. At the same time government’s attention to renewable energy has led to the company’s position in this field gaining a lot. In 2025, if you look at the price, you’ll quickly notice the initial price of 130.20 rupees and that Target of 180.45 Rupees, you will be able to hold it.

Suzlon share price target 2026

The company is undergoing many new strategies to increase its revenue over the next few days. Because of this, the company is beginning to see good results, and the business is expected to succeed in the near future. Management is also marketing relief packs periodically to aid in this sector. In the end, the business is showing indications of a positive trend in the near future. If you continue to invest in this share for a prolonged period, you can expect to earn decent profits.

The company is continuously expanding its financial and quarterly results rapidly. Therefore, an increase in the price of the shares is also expected. If you’re interested in getting it, you must purchase shares for a lengthy period as first share target price is 190.80 and second share target price is 220.65

Suzlon share price target 2027

Power consumption is expected to rise across all sectors in the near future. The Government of India is also encouraging electric vehicles and businesses instead of diesel-powered factories and vehicles. Because of this, in the next few months, it may be possible that the Suzlon shares of energy could continue to move toward their highs throughout its life. In 2027, the first target share price will be 240.15 and second target will be 267.65. The Government of India is making every effort to promote sustainable energy. The government has announced a significant portion of its budget for this year for companies that produce energy which will assist any energy-producing company in finishing their latest projects.

Suzlon share price target 2028

The company has been active in the wind energy industry since 1995. The company is also backed by millions of clients, as per which the initial Suzlon energy share price goal 2025 is around 279.45 while the subsequent Suzlon Energy share price goal 2028 is about 290.79,

Suzlon share price target 2029

In 2029, there could be no significant changes in the operations of Suzlon Company since, at this period, all states in India could begin to use wind energy, in line with the Suzlon targets for price in the year 2029 will be 310.10, and the next Suzlon share price target will be 380.89.

Suzlon share price target 2030

The next phase has green power. As increasing amounts of it are used in the future, it will provide a substantial benefit for Suzlon. Suzlon Company in the future. If the company begins to profit from its main business and these shares are sold, it will earn you multiple-bagger gains.

The company’s performance is fantastic for the future, and there is a big chance to grow. If the company can manage its business efficiently soon, 430.52 rupees would be the primary goal, and 495 is likely to be in sight soon.

Suzlon Share Price Target Table

Here we have prepared a list of Suzlon Share Price Targets, by looking at which you can analyze the Suzlon Share Price Target faster.


Year Low High
2022 20 60
2023 40.87 60.79
2024 80.35 120.58
2025 130.20 180.45
2026 190.80 220.65
2027 240.15 267.65
2028 279.45 290.79
2029 310.10 380.89
2030 430.52 495


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