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Top 3 Trends in the Exhibition Industry in 2022


In the events and exhibition industry, technology is constantly incorporating advanced technologies. It is developing at a staggering pace to enhance visitors’ experience to a remarkable level. Nowadays, you can engage the visitors at the event by the use of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Here we have mentioned some of the exhibition trends that will provide a new experience in 2022.

1) Integration of virtual reality

The rise of virtual trends over the last few years is known by all, meanwhile augmented reality (AR) is becoming a popular trend at events like trade show booth design and exhibitions. This is because of the fact that AR experiences are a more accessible and affordable option for many event professionals.

Virtual reality is a game-changer that allows brands and companies to give visitors a personalized, unique, & interactive experience with the ease of tapping into their mobile devices. This trend is being used by exhibitors rapidly to create unique advertising experiences with the combination of ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ interactive elements

Exhibitors now can easily develop networking opportunities, and engage their visitors using AR event planning tools. Moreover, augmented reality technology has become so advanced and is readily available to be used on most smartphones. This is the reason various companies are using virtual reality and artificial intelligence in a drive to attract visitors. This is the reason we suggest you add AR and VR to your marketing plan.

Don’t just limit your exhibition booth design to engaging visitors just by simply installing sights and sounds. This is the time to work upon the five senses including sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell. You can try putting interactive displays, distinctive lighting design, soothing background music, and touch-panel interfaces to help enhance the attendees’ sensory abilities. By doing so, you will be able to connect your brand with your targeted audience.

2) Hybrid events

Hybrid events are going to be one of the biggest trends in 2022. But, do you even know what hybrid events are? In simple words, Hybrid events are a blend of live and virtual events. To facilitate participation between live and virtual audiences, this is a seamless integration of technology. Hence, your audience can not only participate but can also engage with your event, regardless of their location. By doing so you can put your online and live audience on the same level.

 Depending on the format of the event and your audience, hybrid events can also take a multitude of appearances. Anyways, the one thing that will be in common for all of them will be putting the audience journey first, for both kinds of audiences. By employing this you have to treat your online and live audience equally and also ensure they are getting the most from your event.

Hybrid events are also easier to host and don’t require a ton of high-end technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, or anything other of the same kind. A quality hybrid event can be created with the help of accessible technology that doesn’t require years of experience and expertise.

3) Eco-friendly, sustainable events

Nowadays, vendors, suppliers, and merchandisers are referring to organizing more eco-friendly events to create carbon-neutral events. This is done by working with sourcing responsibly, a circular economy, reducing the carbon footprint of an event, and achieving social value. You can also plan your event by using what exists already or by reducing, reusing, or recycling. To achieve this you just need to get creative and repurpose areas, items, and materials.

As mentioned earlier, this can also be achieved by using items that can be easily reused or recycled after the event. This way, you can add social value through donations or by giving free lessons and lectures to community members.

Eco-friendly sustainable exhibition trends reduce the environmental impacts of event travel.

Most of the event organizers and planners are working to make the environmental impacts of events as minimal as possible in 2022. This is the reason why we are seeing those hosting smaller but more frequent events in multiple locations, incorporating virtual or hybrid events, and booking corporate events closer to home. A lot of professionals across the industry are purposely working more to reduce the environmental impact of event travel and are also making a commitment to tackle ethical issues faced during event planning.

You can also educate and encourage your staff on sustainable initiatives and provide eco-friendly hotel and venue ideas. Also, you can provide resources, tools, and information on corporate sustainability which can be of great help. You can even try to add renewable energy sources that will help you in accommodating a portion of your venue operations. Make this a goal. Work on replacing and renovating the machinery at the venue with eco-friendly and sustainable appliances if possible. And lastly, don’t forget to add multiple clearly marked recycling areas around the venue.

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