Mid-Week Holiday in Whistler

3 Reasons to Book a Mid-Week Holiday in Whistler

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With its breathtaking natural beauty and laid-back mountain lifestyle, Whistler is the perfect place for a vacation. An excursion away from home is what the doctor prescribed after spending so much time at home. Outdoor activity and peace can be found at Whistler. You shouldn’t wait at all! Whistler isn’t just for weekend fun; there’s always something interesting. On any given day of the week, the resort provides a starting point for various adventures.

Look at the reasons of travelling during the week. Contact us when you’re ready to start thinking about your trip to Whistler so we can help you with any questions you have about making your mountain getaway plans.

  1. Get the best deals

Weekends are the most popular times to travel, which should come as no surprise. When more individuals are interested in something, the price is likely to rise. It also means that midweek tourists can take advantage of discounted rates. There are significant savings to be found on everything from lodging to food. Explore the newest deals on the most incredible vacation rentals in Whistler.

  1. Time to explore Whistler instead of traffic

The two-hour drive from Vancouver to Whistler is one of Canada’s most beautiful drives. The Sea-to-Sky Highway is clogged with taillights on Fridays and Sundays, making the awe-inspiring trek up the highway even more time-consuming. An excellent way to avoid traffic is to go when it’s not too busy. Fill your days with adrenaline excursions at Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains or relax by the fire in your Whistler Townhome and feel at home.

To get to Whistler, we’re here to assist! Our Whistler-based staff has put together a list of transportation options to the resort. Our crew is here to help you schedule transportation to and from Whistler if you need assistance with that. As a result, you may spend less time preparing and more time enjoying your trip.

  1. Escape the crowds of people.

Imagine yourself alone on Blackcomb Mountain’s 7th Heaven chairlift on a snowy winter day, which is a locals’ favourite. You can detach your skis and ski down the closest blue run without encountering another skier when you reach the top. While it may sound like a fantasy, skiing on weekdays rather than weekends may frequently make this desire a reality.

A free BC Parks Day Use Pass is required to visit and explore major provincial parks surrounding Whistler in the summer. Over the weekend, passes may be purchased in a couple of minutes despite reservations starting at 7:00 am the day prior. Visiting Whistler between Tuesday and Friday will give you a better chance of seeing the glacier-covered peaks and experiencing the natural wonder of the Coastal Mountains. To avoid crowds at famous mountain biking and hiking destinations like Whistler Mountain Bike Park, it’s best to skip the weekends.

Long story short

It’s time to plan the trip you’ve always wanted to take with these midweek perks in mind. Let us help you realize your dreams of visiting Whistler. When you book a Whistler Lodging with Elevate Vacations, we take care of the details, give local-only expertise, and offer first-class service.

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